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Beware of Goldens bearing hugs.

We are addictive, -- once you have one you will want more!


The Favorites of Patrick and Skye
Favorite Band or Musician: Who Let The Dogs Out!
Favorite TV show: Rin Tin Tin
Favorite movie: Homeward Bound
Favorite book: The Watchers
Favorite sports team: Air Bud
Favorite food: Yes, any kind

Mom asked us to tell you a little bit about ourselves:
We like sniffing the most (sniffiing anything - ground, trees, bushes, garbage cans, pant legs, other dogs) but Mom says that is not a real hobby unless we are tracking. Swimming and catching tennis balls comes next and agility stuff is a real favorite also. Then we also like pet therapy, we gets lots of hugs and attention doing that.

Mom decided that we are not gong to have any pupppies this year, but we know links for you to go to for educational information on how to buy a golden.  See our links page.  Also there are good links there for informatin on Crisis Response animals and  Pet Therapy.  You are still welcome to contact us if you have questions or would like to meet us.

People have asked us who we most admire:
We think Mom and Dad are our heroes, 'cause dinner is always on time

See the link above labeled, Patrick and Skye, to go to our next page to see more of our photos.   Also we are always willing to post photos of relatives if you email to us the file in .gif or .jpg format
Till then, keep well, stay safe and may you have many bones to chew (and teeth to chew them with).


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